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VISET Conducts an Informal Traders Accountability Agenda (ITAA) Teach-In in Gweru

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) was in Gweru for its ongoing Informal Traders Accountability Agenda (ITAA) programme. The meeting convened under strict compliance with Covid-19 regulations, was held at the Gweru American Centre Library and saw vendors and informal traders from areas such as Mtapa, Kopje and Mkoba coming together to help strengthen their agency in solution holder engagement as well as the raising of their ability to interpret the Constitution of Zimbabwe in so far as it relates to their socio economic rights.

The vendors showed an awareness of basic rights but were unaware of the specific provisions as they related to recourse as enshrined under the Right to Administrative Justice, as most had their market stalls demolished and wares looted under local authority led exercises. Some have also been victims of land barons where they lost hard earned money for stands and built structures only to have them declared illegal and demolished.

Vendors bemoaned the fact that much as Covid-19 regulations have been put in place, lack of running water and toilets at council markets defeats this purpose. There was also the issue pertaining to transport, where it was felt that there is need for a revisit on the Kombi ban as the Zupco buses were failing to cope with demand resulting in people resorting to overcrowded Lorries and private cars, increasing the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Corruption amongst law enforcement officers was felt to have now reached pandemic levels and needed to be addressed urgently as they were losing their meagre daily takings to corrupt council and police officers.

Interest was also raised on the independent commissions under the Constitution such as the gender commission and participants were of the view that these commissions needed to undertake outreach exercises in order to raise awareness of their role and function.

Participants commended VISET for the training and hoped that post Covid-19 they would be able to meet a greater number of vendors but vowed to ensure that they spread their teachings to their colleagues at markets

Prepared by VISET Information and Publicity Department  

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