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Mutare Informal Traders embrace VISET’s Constitutional Awareness Teach-ins

VISET was in Mutare, on Thursday the 25th of March 2021, rolling out the Informal Traders Accountability Agenda (ITAA) Initiative, The meeting which was held under strict Covid-19 guidelines was attended by 30 informal traders from all wards in Mutare.

VISET Executive Director in his introduction, explained the objectives of the initiative in that it sought to strengthen citizen agency in developmental interactions with solution holders within their communities. The facilitator Mr Edward Kapodogo took the participants through the Zimbabwean Constitution as it relates to socioeconomic rights. He explained that through enactment of the Zimbabwe Constitution of 2013, there was now an expanded Bill of Rights guaranteeing right to work, hence the Government and all its agencies is obligated to promote informal trading, including  removing barriers that inhibit pursuit of livelihoods by informal traders. They have a right to complain about abuse at work, right to information on issues that affect them and most importantly right to choose a trade/occupation and informal trading as an occupation. Informal Traders were exhorted to understand their rights and the duties of their solution holders.

Facilitator emphasized that it was their right to be included in the formulation of policies and legislation that affect them. During group discussions, participants tackled topics such as; How can constitutional socioeconomic and human rights literacy ensure better engagement between informal traders and government, as well as  how can Informal Traders make use of the Right to Administrative Justice as espoused in Section 68 of the Constitution

Participants were highly appreciative to VISET for the knowledge imparted and promised to spread the teachings to their communities in order to ensure they engage solution holders in a harmonious and knowledgeable manner.

Prepared by VISET Information and Publicity Department

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