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Multitudes attend VISET’s Pre-Budget Consultations Seminar in Binga

Yesterday, Tuesday the 3rd of October 2020, the Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) was in Binga Mat North, for the latest in their series of Pre Budget seminars. The participants who included councillors for Wards 7&9 spoke on the need for consultation as they felt that they were not prioritised in Council budgets in particular due to the fact that their priorities which included the need for a hospital were not being prioritised.

The facilitator commenced by giving a background of the programme and its aims and took the participants through a questionnaire that sought to interrogate amongst other objectives, the level of participation in previous budget processes be they at council or national levels. He then illustrated through an impromptu skit how difficult it would be for authorities to articulate local needs if they have no information on what it is that make up their priority areas in a development sense in the community, hence it was important to participate in the budgetary processes. The facilitator then gave a breakdown of the budget formulation processes that are undertaken at local and government levels.

The facilitator further emphasised that without citizen participation, it was difficult for voices to be heard, hence why VISET and their partners saw it fit to embark on the sensitization drive to ensure effective citizen participation in national governance affairs.

In his vote of thanks, Councillor for Ward 9 thanked VISET for the programme and implored citizens to make their voices heard in all governance matters

During the question and answer session it emerged that a lot still needs to be done in ensuring information dissemination of key events and processes such as the budget consultative programmes by council or national government. The issue of gender budgeting was also raised as an area in need of raising awareness on.

The event concluded with a roadmap of events to follow which would include community led training by identified persons and subsequent post budget analysis.

Prepared By VISET Information and Publicity Department  

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